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Subcontractors 'Connect'

Define a clear safety liability plan for your subcontractors

We provide the tools to effectively manage your projects’ safety program, without assuming any unnecessary liabilities. This strikes an optimal balance between a total hands-off and total hands-on management approach.

Develop a comprehensive standard of care that considers the unique needs and priorities of the property owner, general contractor, and subcontractor

  • Design mandatory safety requirements for your subcontractors
  • Achieve real-time effective safety oversight
  • Control your injury rates
  • Send your Digital Safety Training as part of the workers onboarding process
  • Record the data on each workers smart record
  • Delegate accurate safety-control plan to your sub-contractors
  • Give your subcontractors data-driven proactive safety management capabilities

Safety by Self Control

Our platform provides a comprehensive solution to delegate safety responsibilities and control the activities of subcontractors. From a  digital onboarding process, through scheduled toolbox talks and inspections, all the way to seamless integration of manhours and daily work logs.

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