Redefine your safety management strategy – be proactive and go beyond compliance requirements

Safety management improves
organizational performance and
optimizes the allocation of
resources. Encouraging a
culture of safety that reduces
the likelihood of worksite accidents
and protects business continuity.

Our application’s design is based on the three phases of the safety management lifecycle: plan, do, and improve.

  • Planning is essential for the implementation of a proactive safety strategy, specifically prevention through the identification and control of risk.
  • Repetition and consistency are key factors contributing to success. The Otoos platform emphasizes regularity and consistency to enhance your safety goals.
  • A deviation engine that triggers alerts and deviation reports which are connected to the SLING™
  • Control Sections Page
  • Checklist Page

Routine Management

Otoos will work with your team to map out your organizational control plan.

The control plan is based on regulatory and compliance requirements and the accumulated knowledge gained through years of implementing corporate safety management policy. Control definitions:

  • Controls will be reflected in a checklist (inspections and audits included).
  • Control will be assigned to individual users based on location and time (scheduled automatically).
  • The outcome of a specific control can be defined as “complete” or “incomplete” or it can be customized.
  • The control will be linked to your SLING™
  • Issue Management
  • Issue Correction Process

Issue management

Otoos’s real-time issue management provides a state-of-the-art risk-mitigation tool. Real-time recording and classification

  • Assigning correction responsibility
  • Controlling the correction process
  • Logging into the data processing vault
  • Contributing to your SLING™
  • The ideal tool for safety professionals

Safety Tour

The ideal tool for safety professionals, combining the best features that allow you to conduct professional inspections, create a personalized scoring system, and ensure that issues are resolved in real time.

  • Document your incidents in real time
  • Connect your incident report to the unified worker record
  • Debrief and improve

Incident Management

Ensuring the safety of workers is primarily achieved through an organizations’ commitment to excellence and ongoing improvement. A crucial aspect of this process is the ability to learn from incidents and quickly implement changes in operations.

Using the Otoos incident management module, organizations can not only meet compliance requirements but also improve safety by utilizing advanced debriefing tools. This shifts the process from just managing a traumatic incident to an opportunity for organizational growth.

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