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Safeguard Applied Innovations announces transition to Otoos

Kirill | 26th June, 2023

by Jimmy Dunn, December 2, 2022, in Construct America

SafeGuard Applied Innovations is pleased to announce that the company has adopted a new name and brand. SafeGuard will now operate under the name and brand Otoos, A Safeguard AI Company As a global technology leader, Otoos is proud of its track record of using automated decision making to reduce construction site accidents. By digitizing construction site data, Otoos’ unparalleled technology solutions flags hazardous patterns and prevents on-site accidents with significant results. Construction companies that utilized Otoos reported a marked decrease in on-site accidents, with some noting a 65% drop post-implementation. 

In many ways, our success has made us a new company,” says Yaron Goldman, General Manager of Otoos, “but our core commitment to reducing job site injury and death remains our single priority.” 

Over the last six years, more than 100 firms have trusted Otoos with what they value most, their reputation for protecting human life through effective technology. Otoos enabled these firms to monitor, measure and analyze in “real” time all the aspects of safety on construction sites. In 2020, Otoos was recognized for its contribution to the industry and was named one of the world’s top five construction innovation companies by Built World. 

SafeGuard’s transition to Otoos reflects its elevated status in the industry for making construction management smarter, safer, and more intuitive for workers, managers and organizations and the new branding for Otoos evokes the owl.  Analytical, timely and focused, the owl embodies Ottos’ dedication to staying watchful over construction sites to ensure no unnecessary injuries or death occur.

The owl might seem simple, but it connects the dots and reflects who we are,” says Izhak Paz, CEO and founder of Otoos. “Our focus on preventing jobsite accidents to protect human life will continue to define us.״


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